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January 18th, 2010

Albemarle County, the county surrounding the city of Charlottesville, lies at the foot of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and is just a short drive away from the Shenandoah Valley. It is here– and in the surrounding counties of Fluvanna, Nelson, Greene, Louisa, Orange and Madison– that Bill Ware and High Caliber Construction are building custom homes as well as major additions and renovations.

As the first decade of the 21st century has unfolded, we have seen more and more interest in “Green” products and systems. Among these are Solar Hot Water systems which are coming closer and closer to High Caliber’s Common Sense ConservationSM parameters (3 to 5 year payback).

Residential Solar Hot Water systems begin with the collection devices which are typically located on the roof; these devises generally fall into either the “flat panel” or “evacuated tube” categories; for our neck of the woods, the flat panels and evacuated tubes are similar in efficiency and price. Both types of systems typically utilize a well-insulated, high-efficiency hot water tank which, fueled by either electricity or gas, provides the “backup” energy for water heating.

These Solar Hot Water systems generally range in the $8,000 to $9,000 price range for a 4 to 5 bedroom home and would appear to have an 8 to 12 year payback period (at current utility costs) with an expected life of around 15 years. It would not take much of a spike in energy costs to put this in the “standard equipment” category.

Bill Ware, President
High Caliber Construction
Charlottesville, Virginia

Charlottesville and High Caliber Construction »

September 30th, 2009

Charlottesville, nestled at the foot of the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the home of Mr. Jefferson’s architectural masterpiece, Monticello, and the equally significant University of Virginia. Consistently ranked at the top of the list of “best places to live and work” in the United States, Charlottesville is the special place that I came to love during my years at UVA where I graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce.

This calm and cultural city called to me and my wife, Lisa, for years as we pursued our careers in Virginia Beach. We visited Charlottesville often and I couldn’t help but observe that as we passed Williamsburg on the way to Charlottesville that I would feel as though I was headed “home.” On the return trip, I would find myself looking over my shoulder for one last glimpse of the Blue Ridge.

In 1994, Lisa and I, along with our 2-year old daughter, made the leap from the Beach to the Blue Ridge. My work at the Beach, both as a real estate broker and as a builder, had been productive but the constant call of the Mountains and the University was too powerful to wait for retirement down the road—we came “home.”

My love of building and architecture became High Caliber Construction in the year 2000. Custom homes, major additions and renovations are our areas of emphasis. We have worked with several local architects and designers and are always delighted to work with our clients’ architect or from stock plans. We do have a close relationship with local architect Sherri Tracinski; Sherri is both an architect and a architectural historian (degree from UVA), giving us a strong team capability when it comes to renovations of historical homes as well as authenticity in the building of style-correct new homes.

If you explore our Website, you will discover that each of our featured projects has a commentary from the clients along with a notation as to whether or not the clients are “available for reference” and/or the home is “available for viewing.” Happily, all currently featured projects are a “yes” for both categories; this gives future prospective clients the chance to review a wide range of projects as well as to chat with our past clients about their experience with High Caliber Construction.

If this special place, Charlottesville, is in your sights, be sure to contact me for a no-obligation no-cost introductory meeting.

Bill Ware, President
High Caliber Construction
Charlottesville, Virginia
Cell 434-960-2384

Homes of the High Caliber Kind »

August 14th, 2009

Every month on this page, I will examine an element of design, materials or construction that will pertain to one or more of the following 3 categories:

  • Custom Home Building
  • Common Sense ConservationSM
  • Universal Design

In each of these articles the subject will be explored in non-technical terms for the benefit of a broad audience. “Custom Home Building” will be revealed as a separate and distinct method of “creating” a special place to live. “Common Sense ConservationSM” will reveal the real world benefits of elements of design and construction which conserve both the planet and the clients’ bank account while “Universal Design” will bring to light features that will increase the long term “livability” of a home.

For now, “Welcome” to High Caliber Construction’s Website and Blog; I sincerely hope that you will find this useful in your quest for a “home of the High Caliber kind.”

Bill Ware, President
High Caliber Construction
Charlottesville, Virginia