Homes of the High Caliber Kind

Every month on this page, I will examine an element of design, materials or construction that will pertain to one or more of the following 3 categories:

  • Custom Home Building
  • Common Sense ConservationSM
  • Universal Design

In each of these articles the subject will be explored in non-technical terms for the benefit of a broad audience. “Custom Home Building” will be revealed as a separate and distinct method of “creating” a special place to live. “Common Sense ConservationSM” will reveal the real world benefits of elements of design and construction which conserve both the planet and the clients’ bank account while “Universal Design” will bring to light features that will increase the long term “livability” of a home.

For now, “Welcome” to High Caliber Construction’s Website and Blog; I sincerely hope that you will find this useful in your quest for a “home of the High Caliber kind.”

Bill Ware, President
High Caliber Construction
Charlottesville, Virginia

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