Spring in Charlottesville and Albermarle County

While most Winters in the Charlottesville area are tolerable as far as getting projects out of the ground, it’s always nice to see Spring roll around!   If there is rain, it will dry up if the nights are above freezing.

With our custom home and addition projects, we try to pick a ground-breaking time when the weather looks good for the next week or so; however, if you wait too long you’ll find it has become Fall!  Once the concrete footers are in, there is less bad weather can do to hold us up.  The main stage we are looking to get to is when the house is framed and “dried in.”  Getting a house to the “dried in” stage means all framing is complete and at least the tar paper or other waterproof roof underlayment as well as the Tyvek on the exterior walls is in place; we usually shoot for having the windows installed and the shingles on before the HVAC, plumbing and electrical are roughed in.

Getting a custom home or major addition out of the ground is a very  intense time, as is finishing a project, so we try to schedule our building to minimize major projects starting or finishing at the same time.

Bill Ware, President

High Caliber Construction

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