Custom Home building in Charlottesville, VA

I’m often asked the difference between custom home building and tract or volume building.  The biggest difference for the client is that with custom building, you get exactly what you want instead of approximately what you want.  Within the paremeters of the budget, the builder, the architect and the clients team up to develop plans that reflect the nuances of the clients’ lifestyle right down to designing rooms around favorite furniture.  This process will typically take 60 to 90 days though we have had clients, who were not in a hurry, take 6 months to finalize a set of plans; when it comes to timing, we always take our cue from our clients’ situation.

Custom home building is much more of a creative process than just repeating a model home time and time again.  Every situation is different and it’s very satisfying at the end of a project when a client declares “success!”

Bill Ware, President

High Caliber Construction/Custom Homes- Major Additions & Remodels- Historic Restorations

Charlottesville, Albermarle and surrounding counties