Custom Home Building in Charlottesville, Virginia

At High Caliber Construction, we encounter a wide variety of wants and needs in a custom home.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of folks aiming to retire in the Charlottesville area. We are about to start a Design/Build on just such a project for a couple out of Northern Virginia who have focused in on an “English Country Cottage” theme and want to emphasize quality over quantity of square footage; there are many reasons why this is a wise approach. In contrast to a Design/Build we are just finishing up for a couple with 3 children, this cozy abode will feature a 1st Floor Master Suite and a finished basement that can be retrofitted later, if need be, with a chair lift.

Throughout this home will be elements of Universal Design (aging in place). Most of these design features are unobtrusive– 3′ door openings, lever handled door handles and plywood backed shower walls for ease of grab bar placement, for example. The joy of such homes is in the details that make a home warm and inviting– a wonderful prospect for this couple who will be trading a townhome in a busy city for a country cottage surrounded by pines.

Sherri Tracinski, our Architect, and I never tire of custom projects. Each is different, whether it be a home, an addition, a remodel or an historic renovation. Be sure to take a look at each of the featured projects on our website– they each have a story that our clients are willing to share.

Bill Ware, President
High Caliber Construction
Charlottesville, Virginia

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